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I'm Randa Ray, thanks for being here. is a space for creative folk to connect and inspire each other.

I'm an actor and filmmaker but truly, I'm an infinite being, just like you. I'd like to let go of the labels so we can go beyond our limitations and start creating the works and life we truly would like. You can also check out to dive deeper into tools and tip of having a life full of magic, ease and  beyond 

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My Story

I was born in  Freetown Sierra Leone, interestingly enough I never felt totally free until now. My family moved to London when I was two years old. I grew up in the city and then then later in my adolescence in the English countryside. I had a turbulent childhood although there were many happy times too. I found may safe haven in performing , in being different characters. In writing, stories and songs, In creating I found my true Freetown. I wonder where yours is?

Now I continue to create my own characters and stories in different forms and media. I also work professionally in film & TV production and as an actor. I practice energy healing and coaching individuals through to facilitate change in any area of life where you may feel is unchangeable. 

Thanks for being here and being you, what else is possible to create now & beyond?

With Joy & gratitude,

Randa  xx


I'm always looking for new and exciting possibilities. Let's connect.

(+44) 07549 773008

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