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How to become an actor with no experience?

So you want to be an actor but don’t know where to start…

Didn’t go to a fancy stage school when you were a kid or to one of those prestigious Drama schools, or don’t have a relative in showbiz?

It’s okay and I’ll let you in on a secret it’s not the only way.

Not all 'successful' actors went to drama school

I could give you a dreamy list of Hollywood A list actors who got there without Drama school or nepotism but how about so more practical information to get you moving on those stages and screens.

There's enough acting roles for everyone!

You’ve heard it’s a competitive game out there in the world of actors and parts.

I’d like to give you a slightly different view point about that. What if there is an abundance of roles out there for you. I mean come on now, how many different streaming platforms are there now and different tv shows and movies. There is enough work out there, if you want it go find it and go get it.

You can even get acting roles without a professional agent to begin with

You might have heard the terms “street casting’ “open auditions’’ “open call” or similar terms.

This means anyone can apply and audition (if you fit the casting brief) let's say 5’7 mullet any gender.

Early in my acting career, even when I did have an agent as a teenager I would search and find open call auditions and go to them.

Sometimes that would mean going to an interesting, secret location queuing up for a few hours and then finally getting seen for only a moment.

But hip hip hurray how times have change these type of cattle call auditions are far and few. We now have the gift of the internet and smart phones oh and hashtags!


Open calls and actors can be found online via social media platforms and not just via Spotlight (the professional actors directory).

Search some hashtags and find out for yourself. Here are few that may help. #opencallaudition #castingcall #streetcasting #castingsuk #castingslondon #newyorkaudition #hollywoodcastings.

Use your imagination and find those auditions. It’s all possible.

Get confident, you're a star baby!

In the mean time get yourself to an acting workshop, get confident, have fun. If money is a barrier, you can join an amateur theatrical group. These groups are filled with talented actors and performers, in it for the fun of it.

Just wanna be famous? It's okay ;)

Remember the reasons you’d like to be actor, don’t just chase fame and fortune if that’s the reasons it's okay but you’re probably best going on a reality TV show.

You got this!

There are many opportunities out there and many talented people. The difference to those who only have a pipe dream and the ones we see onstage and screen is not just talent but also determination and persistence.

You will get there, wherever “there” is for you so long as you never give up and never give in.

Keep going my talented friend.

With jazz hands,

Randa Ray xx

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