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The uninspired artist

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

What happened to all those award winning, inspirational ideas you had?

Whatever kind of artist you are, whether you're a musician, painter, actor or filmmaker, candle stick maker or something else there are times when you're simply not in your creative flow and that's okay.

Can you pay my bills?

We are people, we have lives, some of us have children, partners, lovers and all of us most likely have lovely bills to pay.

Living creates insipration

What I have found personally for myself is rather interesting in regards to my creativity and also kinda makes a lot of sense to me too. That is when I have multiple projects, jobs, or generally super 'busy' the ideas come pouring in.

Are you at all like that?

It makes a lot of sense right, life becomes the inspiration, the people, the places the situations we encounter.

So if you're not creating as much as you'd like, don't worry about it, don't focus on the lack of. Remember living life is a creative endeavour. Here are some of my simple tips on getting the creative juices flowing once more.

Keep living loving and having fun!

  • Live your life! Don't stop living because you're not making the work you'd like to, remember living creates the inspiration you're after.

  • Have more fun, yup that's it. The energy of fun is creative and expansive

  • Go out into nature and get some space-literally

  • Go out into a busy city. I find when i'm in a big city the energy is buzzing and vibrant with different people, textures and cultures, tap into that and find some inspiration.

  • Spend time with loved one, the people who truly care for you whether that's friends or family.

  • Listen to music

  • Watch a movie

  • Go to a gig or an open mic night, there usually free you support other artist too

  • Go to a museum or gallery

  • Do something just for you and just for fun!

  • If you're unsure here are some questions that can help bring in some more lightness and clarity

  • What would be fun for me that I've never done before?

  • What gives me a sense of excitement?

  • What different actions can I take today that would be fun?

I hope these simple tips are helpful.

Gentle reminder you are not alone and all those award winning ideas will actualise if you don't give up on you and take small steps everyday to create not only your art but your life. You got this!

With Love

Randa Ray

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